Meet the Team

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Hugo Guzman


From humble beginnings as a soldier in the French Foreign Legion, Hugo formed Titan Throw Multimedia shortly after returning to the United States. The meaning of the name comes from his background in martial arts, which formed the philosophy of overcoming larger than life challenges by knowing exactly where to strike. Hugo writes, directs, shoots, and edits for Titan Throw. He is the first point of contact with most clients. And stays in contact with them throughout the entire process.





Justin Brown


Justin is a graduate of University of South Carolina’s Media Arts program. His cinematography and editing skills have become an invaluable asset to Titan Throw over the years. His attention to detail and careful planning make him the perfect man for both last minute live events and full blown film productions. He enjoys editing as much as he does filming. Which helps maintain consistency during a project.



Nevada Bower




Austin Williams


Austin started off as a production assistant at Titan Throw. His sunny disposition and ability to grasp new concepts quickly ensured he rose through the ranks in a short time. He is now our top production sound mixer and only producer. That’s not his only role at Titan Throw, however. His technical prowess is unparalleled and his troubleshooting skills are the stuff of legends. From website design to logistics planning. He truly is a jack of all trades.