Be Bold, Take the Leap!



Somewhere along the road, most of us develop a fear of failure that stops us from going after our dreams. Four years ago I swore that would never be me, I was full of energy and bravado despite everyone else’s disapproval of my reckless way of life. But it seems that even I wasn’t immune to self doubt. I can’t remember exactly when it happened, or even how it started. All I know is one day I woke up and started thinking I wasn’t good enough to do something outside of my comfort zone. At first I was disgusted with myself, how did someone who once went halfway across the world gambling his life in the name of a dream end up here? I wish I could tell you that I snapped out of it right away, but the truth is it took years for me to regain that vitality.


I realized that self awareness was not a bad thing at all. That by focusing on my faults I learned the things I needed to change about myself, and the things that were already working. So now I say to you what I told myself time and time again until it finally made sense.  “The time to act is now!” Don’t wait around for things to be perfect before you take that risk. Sure, you may not be ready, but I guarantee you will never be able to prepare for everything life throws at you. It’s a series of curve balls that you aren’t always able to anticipate. But if you let that stop you then you’ll never get anything done.


It’s scary to think about, jumping into the unknown, but that’s how uncharted lands are discovered! so don’t let yourself get in the way of your goals. Apply for that new job, ask for that promotion, pitch to that new client, get a puppy, buy a new car, propose marriage, or whatever else is on your to do list! DO IT NOW!! Say yes today and figure out how to do it tomorrow. Once you have achieved that dream, dream bigger. From one dreamer to another, life gets better when you live it in the pursuit of your dreams.

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