Celebrate the Little Things

A couple weeks ago, I had a really rough week. One of those when nothing ever seems to go your way and you are so exhausted that you feel like just dropping everything right then and there. While I could have very easily wallowed in self pity the whole time, I have come to realize that during those times it pays off to work even harder than usual. The problem is that life has a way of testing you when you don’t have the energy to be tested. The most effective way I’ve found to combat this is to focus on what’s actually going right at the time, however insignificant it may be. You may not have much to celebrate about, but you really only need one thing to keep you going until the next one. Whether it’s finally closing that deal you’d been working on for a whole week, actually getting to go to bed at a decent time for once, or getting a call from that client you hadn’t heard from in months, there are always plenty of things to be grateful for. The point is to look past all the trials and tribulations and look at what’s going right, then celebrate those things. Buy yourself a drink, do a little dance, call your mom with the good news, and savor those seemingly small moments. Because they are just as important as the really big ones. And don’t just do that when you’re going through a tough time, celebrate the little things every chance you get. You’ll find yourself a happier person if you choose to look on the bright side of life more often.

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