There Are No Ordinary Moments


The story behind the name Titan Throw is an interesting one. A few years ago I was living in Mexico City, and taught self defense in my spare time to supplement my income. One of the things I repeatedly told my students was that although it seemed that I was only teaching them how to defend themselves, I wanted to impart upon them a greater lesson. Practicing self defense moves built confidence. Confidence allowed them to face stressful or scary situations in any aspect of their lives. Through their training on the mat, I wanted to prepare them for anything.


Shortly before I moved back to the states, one of my oldest students told me he felt so proficient that he could battle with the Titans of myth. It immediately brought an image to mind of him tossing said creature to the ground effortlessly. My philosophy back then was “no challenge is too large” so the name Titan Throw fit. Since then, I’ve decided to lead a more peaceful life. I’ve been mostly successful in that regard. Nonviolence has also taught me something that helped me improve my photography. Just like no challenge is too big, there is no moment too small.

We all go through life so quickly that we often forget to pay attention to the little things. If you take a minute to appreciate something as simple as a quiet moment drinking your coffee before you get started for the day, you will find that life itself gets simpler. I apply this concept to my photography every day I shoot. Sometimes the best pictures come from those little moments that at first seem insignificant, but given a closer look, reveal the true essence of my subject. Through this method, I’ve also learned about patience, attention to detail, discovering new perspectives, and much more than I can put into words. The best thing is that this doesn’t apply only to photography. Slowing down to appreciate a moment helps you become a better programmer, cook, businessman, or anything else you choose to pursue as a profession. Just remember not to allow a challenge to scare you because it may seem too big, and not to ignore a moment because it may seem too small.

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