But First, Should You Take a Selfie?


Cell phones are great, aren’t they? It seems like with every iteration, cell phone companies come up with even more creative and uses for them. Aside from being able to run a business from the comfort of your palm, you can even load up the camera app at a moment’s notice and catch some sweet candids with it. I will admit that every now and then I will use my cell phone to take pictures even though I’m carrying my DSLR with me. The convenience of having a camera that can fit in your pocket is pretty hard to beat. That being said, using your cell phone to take pictures is not always the right call. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you decide whether you should flex your photography muscles, or put the phone down and just have a good time.


How important is it?

Is this something that you would want to look at fondly twenty years from now, or one of those times where you will take a hundred pictures on your phone that you will never look at again? Now if you read this blog, you will remember I said there are no ordinary moments. But that doesn’t mean that every moment needs to be immortalized. If you have pictures and videos of every instance of your life, they will lose their importance.


Will it distract me from other important things?

Picture this scenario, you’re hosting your daughter’s graduation party, you’ve prepared snacks for everyone, you have been playing tetris with people’s cars to find parking for them, you have children running all over the house, you’re out of ice and have to run to the gas station to get some, and on top of all that you want to get everyone together for a quick picture. With the hundred other things that you have going on, you may be able to sneak a quick picture or two total. But having to divide your attention will probably result in less than stellar quality pictures, or worse, injury. If you have your plate full, it’s better to let someone else handle the stress of getting a good picture.


Is there already a photographer?

This one goes out to you millenials. A few of my photographer friends find it really annoying to be at an event and find everyone on their cell phones taking pictures of literally everything.  I personally don’t find it that frustrating myself, but I agree that it can get in the way of doing our job. Besides, you wouldn’t pull up WebMD while your doctor is running a diagnostic on you, right? Trust that the person that was hired for the job knows what they’re doing, and if you want a specific picture really bad, ask us! That’s what we’re there for!


Asking yourself these questions well help you decide if it’s worth it (and appropriate) to break out your selfie game. However, this is only a suggestion. We won’t judge you if you love whipping out your camera at every event. But I promise that you will enjoy yourself so much more if you are able to focus entirely on what’s happening in front of you.


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