Top 5 Reasons Why your Small Business Needs Social Media Marketing



Hello there, local business owner! Before you begin reading this article, allow me to tell you that you are absolutely awesome. That’s right, you! At some point in your life, for one reason or another, you had the courage to run your own business, and that’s huge! Not only is it an extremely stressful endeavor, but it takes an amount of time and dedication that very few people are willing to undertake. So, from the bottom of my heart, let me thank you for what you bring to the community. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I would like to talk to you about social media. I’m sure you’re no stranger to it, very few people don’t have a personal account these days. But did you know that you can also use it to market your business in a manner that’s both more cheap and effective than traditional TV and radio spots? Marketing on social media allows you to fine tune your audience to a level that traditional marketing has never been able to. That alone should be reason enough for you to consider using it. But if you need more reasons, here are the top five reasons why social media marketing is a necessity for yous local business.


1. Word of Mouth is too Slow.

Let’s face it, stamps of approval due to word of mouth are not going anywhere. Customer referrals will always play a key role in the success of any business. But imagine not having to wait until your customers are at their niece’s birthday party, book club meeting, or weekly spin class to talk about how great your business is. Social media profiles allow people to communicate instantly, which can mean the difference your customers talking about their experience now, or waiting days until someone brings your business up in conversation. Immediacy is key when it comes to marketing.


2. You can Stay in Touch With Your Target Audience.

Many people treat Facebook as their personal diary. In most cases, this causes more trouble than good, but this is one of the best things a business owner could hope for! It’s like having a constant focus group that you don’t have to pay for. Knowing what’s on your customer’s minds can help you better tailor their experience so that they are more likely to be happy with your services. It’s important to continue to monitor your demographic to be ready to adapt to any changes needed in your business strategy.


3. You Get Free Content Distribution.

Let’s say you own a local tanning salon and are currently running a half off special. Posting about it on your Facebook or Twitter account costs you nothing and will ensure that your loyal customers learn about the promotion before they visit your store. I cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to have access to your customers with minimal effort and at no cost to you! The alternative would be to print a flyer and paste it to your front door, but that would limit your audience to the people that happen to visit your business or walk by it. There isn’t much more to say about this subject. It’s free!


4. You Bring in New Business.

Not only can your customers review your business online, they may rave about their experience in a post. Something as quick and simple as that may already bring in new customers. It’s often a good idea to give discounts or run contests for customers who refer you in social media. Aside from that, you also have the option of paid advertising. Although the free perks are great, they pale in comparison to the precision of a well written sponsored Facebook post. Think of a normal post as a shotgun, with very limited range and general spread. You’ll hit something if you’re close enough, but you cannot expect great results from it. A sponsored post is like a sniper rifle, more likely to hit its target and with a lot more range. Your reach is only limited by your budget. But even a $50 is more likely to get you the right kind of attention than posting to people that have already liked your page.


5. You Draw More Traffic to Your Website.

Let’s say you have already done your homework and created a website for your business. A great way to supplement your traffic is through your social media accounts! Make sure to give people incentives to hop on your website. Having a coupons, specials, or scheduling section can do just that for you.  It may be a bit frustrating for your customers to have to go through an extra step to get where they need to, but having high traffic on your site will ensure you have a better shot of being a top result on a search engine. Trust me, you want that.



These are only a handful of reasons why it’s a good idea to use social media to expand and maintain your business. All small business owners have to save money where they can, so it’s worth it to invest in establishing a strong social media presence. One of the most important parts of that is presentation. Titan Throw Multimedia can help your Facebook or Instagram page stand out above the rest with beautiful images and videos that deliver your message in the exact way you envision it. To learn more about pricing and availability, call us now at 803-687-0736 or email  We guarantee you will be thrilled with the results!


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